The idea of an educational course on surgery for benign diseases of the esophagus originates from a recent survey promoted by ESDE (European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus): 86% of European surgeons strongly support centralization of this surgery. Centralization is legitimated by the appropriate, documented competence of physicians involved in the project and by excellence of short- and long-term results. This course is aimed to provide for surgeons the elements useful to offer patients appropriate indications and outcomes; it will be held on-line, articulated in five webinars: 1) the Heller myotomy for therapy of esophageal achalasia, 2) the Heller myotomy + fundoplication, 3) surgical therapy for GERD, 4) surgical therapy for non-axial hiatus hernias and short esophagus, 5) surgical therapy for esophageal diverticula. Clinical, pathophysiological, diagnostic fundamentals of diseases, indications for surgical therapy, will be treated with the participation of gastroenterologists. Surgeons who have achieved optimal long-term outcomes will offer their experience with particular focus on surgical physiology, technical principles and details of each operation. A consensus/recommendations document on the “how to do it” of the surgical techniques to adopt for the cure of benign esophageal diseases will be pursued through a “Delphi” process activated on-line after the end of the course, which will be realized with the participation of the Faculty and of registered participants.

Post Course Consensus Questionnaire

The web based educational course on Surgery for Benign Diseases of the Esophagus (BEDS) was held in spring 2022 (the program is available in the website); it was aimed to give surgeons useful elements to offer patients appropriate indications and outcomes.. The Faculty was formed of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists who have achieved and published optimal long-term outcomes.

More than 150 persons did participate in the Course, The evaluation of the Course performed by EACCME was largely positive. With the ESDE Council it was decided to perform a post Course survey, aimed to assess the grade of consensus of participants in the Course, on critical points regarding surgical therapy for BEDS; secondary aim was to verify the educational effects of a teaching based on " how I have done and how I do it " lectures.

A 18 items questionnaire was prepared by a Work Group and it was validated with a modified Delphi process by the BEDS Faculty components. The questionnaire is administered through Survey Monkey SurveyMonkey™ (SurveyMonkey, Palo Alto, California, USA) (, to guarantee the anonymous form of the survey. Results will be presented with an aggregated data report where the identification of responses, and identification of individual responders, will not be possible.

The Questionnaire will be open to:

  • • Registered participants and side attendees in the BEDS Webinars
  • • ESDE, ISDE, SISME Members who agree to access first to the BEDS Live Webinars website where they will act a complete back full participation in the Course
  • • The BEDS survey will be performed within a reasonably long time period (November 30th 2023)


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Sandro Mattioli
, Bologna (IT)

George Hanna, London (UK)
Antoon Lerut, Leuven (BE)
Philippe Nafteux, Leuven (BE)
Edoardo V. Savarino, Padua (IT)
John V. Reynolds,, Dublin (IRL)

Niccolò Daddi, Bologna (IT)
Marialuisa Lugaresi, Bologna (IT)
Valentina Tassi, Terni (IT)


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